An American man was arrested after running over several people with a truck in a chaotic chase to the San Ysidro border crossing with San Diego, police in the Mexican city of Tijuana said.

A police statement Monday night said that the man threatened a person with a knife on a Tijuana boulevard about 1 mile (over 1 kilometer) from the crossing, and then fled in a pickup when officers intervened. During the chase, the man allegedly hit five people, 14 vendor stalls and 17 other vehicles.

The truck finally stopped a short distance from the U.S. border where bystanders set upon the driver and a woman who was a passenger. They were dragged from the vehicle and beaten while others pounded on the truck with rods and rocks.

Police stopped the beating, but video from the melee showed both people from the truck bloodied and dazed. It was not clear if the woman was also arrested. Police did not identify either of them.

El Imparcial newspaper reported that the man was held by local vendors, and police said he was taken into custody.

A police photo showed the black truck with its front end and right side bashed in and its wheels damaged. It had Utah license plates.